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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  February 6, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PST

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group in incredible that you see on your screen, this is the coastline just north of fairfield. this is going to be tonight from send him until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning but if we have an advisory in the blue areas will have gusty wind of quick route to the area. this is the strongest along the coast and in the hills, we possibly have downed trees and power lines as this system rose through. we
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will take a look at the rain and how strong will be overnight and how this will affect your morning commute. >>reporter: and local high school was at open today after a massive two outbreak shutdown last week. this fast-moving illness affected nearly two thirds of the school's population. how >>reporter: kids are back walking the halls after being off for five they skidded into her they say that 935 students were stricken with the narrow virus as well as with the house, the 68 teachers and staff. how did not even the department of public health investigated the unusually large outbreak may say they believe they know how this virus spread quickly and >> we had student that had vomiting episodes and they contaminated surface and then come the potential by stephen fearing it's a we had a whole group of
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students right solution about some 24 hours later and then they began to have vomiting. flues so that then expo was a horse what did in response to the act of giving the school shutdown last wednesday to keep infected students from passing the virus to help the ones so that the school gate arararo shut down--so that a school could get a star wrote. clean down. will examine even when it was first built i am not sure that the school and was this clean so it is good to her be back. another day >>reporter: in a negative ads in my eye caught open, but ms. marshall new
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districts are is just--but this march to the street is just beginning. we show you one protesters on of you when dealing with the open officers--oakland officers. we have complete team coverage. >>pam: to date tempers flared again. the protesters held a day of action to what they are calling police repression. while the >>pam: and j.r. stone is calling the court today are
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--short run j.r. stone is following this story today. >>reporter: it is important live there were no arrests and police are calling this retention cracknels at a side pushed and shoved each other. the record i want to go to some video because we were there, and all this happen. >>reporter: officer and a regional one process is not to use the sound system and to put away because they deny having permit voluntary account data this morning heat off the students could compensate device to configure rosa and occupied it they were upset can think taken away to new will there were no doubt some heated moments momoents. tweet
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another incident that we had not--of this in the ground that was a rallying against the occupy group oriented and the occupy group. the >> we are here to fight for our city and that the world know and the nation's note and the citizens know that we care about what is happening. >> that is unfortunate that we have come to that point that a small group of people are intimidating the majority. >>reporter: some occupy
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protesters tried reasoning with the "i stand for oakland group". >>reporter: when the discussion was over members of eyes and for open did not back away from their message. >> i represent the business people that are willing to create and build in our city and not destroyed. >>reporter: this afternoon i talked with a number of protesters, you will hear what they had to say during my 6:00 p.m. story. >>reporter: for some occupy protesters the day began right here at about 10:00 a.m. at the courthouse. a group gathered there to support the fellow occupy protesters who were being arraigned on misdemeanor
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charges of obstructing a sidewalk during a demonstration back in early january. this afternoon a larger group assembled here at frank ogawa plaza. they marched to the same courthouse. you saw some video in the previous story, they marched to the same road house--courthouse down broadway. police were blocking this area so they just made a turn on washington and then went back to the courthouse. i have some video of those marching as they made their way through the streets. they were holding signs and shouting and chanting no justice no peace. there were upset with the oakland police and they were talking there peacefully at times they were chanting with protesters to stand up and fight back. it was peaceful as j.r. stone said. we had about 100 or so people marching through the streets of oakland today. >>pam: stay with us for continuing coverage we have
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maurices on our web site. in the south bay police are releasing the sketch of a man that they say is behind a hate crime in san jose. investigators describe him as a heavyset hispanic males. he is approximately 5 ft. 6 with black hair and brown eyes. police say he into others are responsible for a racially motivated attack in east san jose last fall. >>reporter: police tell kron4 news that it was a violent and brutal attack.
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in >> and they were yelling that he was a terrorist. and when it but anyone can be targeted for what ever the case may be. >>pam: place special education teacher was arrested for physically abusing young student. she taught autistic students at roosevelt elementary school. police say the ongoing abuse involved two young boys on campus and was
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not sexual in nature. she turned herself into a 40 saturday morning--she turned herself in to authorities said saturday morning. >>pam: coming up we have a confrontation with the police. and out rates at schools and went to teachers are accused of sex crimes against students. and why this project is running out of gas just as it began.
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>>pam: back in august, the judge said that this was unconstitutional. >>reporter: this look outside the los angeles who were to to have been arrested. 01 feet to the views of how taking bondage a full load of students--22 was accused of pork were taking bondage photographs of student. and some peers up their student home today. and this is here it officer who shot him--gary
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b.--through gabriel giffords in tucson that killed six people and injured others. now outside of a texas brady travis was arrested here and singer was releasing a hours later--was released six hours later. >>jacqueline: in live look outside we have cloudy conditions as the rain approaches. we had rain in full swing overnight and about 1:00 a.m. we will have showers. the heavy rain will continue about 10 he asked
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tomorrow. to set us take in the debt storm tracker 4. >>jacqueline: take a look just after midnight in 2:02 a.m. we have heavy rain into north bay and the same for the coastline. our end and valleys and all the way down to the south bay and i think the and we will still see showers. we have heavy rain in the north bay and also over toward san francisco. into the afternoon the showers should taper off. as
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for rainfall totals, take a look. as we head into tomorrow morning about tinian it will go really fast i want to cause this actinium because that is one of the majority of the rain will come. >>jacqueline: as we head into the later afternoon how was he was defense is a total of being bumped up. we will also have snow in the sierra look at the future forecast. it will not be strongly will still see snow. >>jacqueline: now let us take a lick of the forecast for tahoe.
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>>jacqueline: dry conditions wednesday, thursday, and friday but there and a slight chance of rain coming next week. >>pam: one man arrested last month is now speaking out about his experience with opd. >>kimberlee: when gen where fourth the police raided frank ogawa plaza.--january 4th police raided frank ogawa plaza, take a look.
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>>pam: kid behind the line. >> tell me what line! your tell me what line!. >>kimberlee: here is video shot by another journal it shows the incident he is holding the camera while walking away pieces that he was backing up while the police were ordering and he was arrested for doing nothing at all who said. >> i was incarcerated for 15 hours to of the people in jail were handcuffed with me they had the handcuffs so tight they were screaming in agony. >>kimberlee: 0 adam katz was arrested for resisting arrest.
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>>pam: checking traffic right now on the san mateo bridge this is a live picture on your screen. it is pretty heavy on the left- hand side. we will be back with much more news to come.
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>>pam: a man was beaten and robbed at a san francisco bus stop. officials said the 20 year-old victim was approached by two men that try to bracket in the three players. the victim was punched and suffered a cut to his leg. the thieves got away with a shoulder bag his wallet and his tempe 3 player. in oakland a water main broke overnight. but it took about five hours to fix the kite who--to fix the
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>>pam: if coming up at 5:30 p.m. the royal drive is in danger of coming to a halt and look at why republican presidential candidates are stepping up their attack. closed >>pam: and expected to fight in gas prices why you might see the payment at the pump even worse.
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>>reporter: caltrain easy to find $60 million to keep the work pine me on schedule. the shortfall was the level of two problem. they are as follows. >>reporter: it may be possible to get the $34 million earlier than planned and no one has yet figured out a way to cover the $26 million gap. if the funding is not found by june 1st project risk debate and overruns. in a few short weeks all traffic going the
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older portion will be torn down and replaced. >>pam: now this storefront collapse had been at about 6:15 a.m.. >> to my knowledge, was no report of an earthquake or anything of that nature. it looks like masonry decay is what into is pulling away from the building at the top. the sidewalk will have to be protected before the book and be able to use it. we told the owners and their
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clothes for business for tibetan until a determination can be made. >>pam: no one was hurt in the collapse. the building is believed to be about 75 years old. >>pam: more technology coming to san francisco. riverbed plans to move into san francisco and the south market neighborhood in 2014. the company signed a 18 year lease. this could bring more than 600 new technology jobs. >>reporter: this is in 2012, tuesday brings three
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attempts for three republican candidates try to halt one front runner is momentum. >>reporter: this today is not a super tuesday before the police can did try to stay in the room complaining it is significant.--but for the three kennedy is trying to stay in the race, it is significant. mccaw couldn't >> we have a candidate michael is running been--how we have a candidate who is running that is seen by the media as crystal the minister seen the worst possible to put up. here and upper >>pam: he basically accommodative liberal
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democrats. >>reporter: : minnesota and colorado will caucus--will hold a caucus. and meant ronnie come in on--and mit romney comes end with a winning streak. and then offered her a they say he deserves is a second term, though less threatening you will not have a second term. who-- >>jacqueline: a live looks outside from our roof camera berry and tenenbaum are aware rain is have gone offshore. been toward our it team when we will see heavy rain and gusty wind. we had a chance for lingering
5:35 pm
showers and possibly some had once carried the full take a look outside. how storm tracker 4 is mainly dry. >>jacqueline: sure where we are taking them easier rainfall as the hidden tomorrow. and with your now take a look on the future of forecast. please call when gus is seeking up to 45 m.p.h. in omaha. van through with--morgan late tomorrow morning--late tomorrow morning the wind advisories in effect until 10:00 a.m.. we will talk more coming up . >>catherine:
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>>catherine: president obama tightened sanctions on tape. an executive order allows u.s. banks to screen any accident to the iranian government. it poured him
5:37 pm
>>catherine: deep underground scientists have started in the mc qeen uranium--it started enriching uranium.. >>pam: dealing with a nuclear iran to be more complicated and dangerous. improved >> class they sent all options are on the table including an agreement from the war itself will be 10 times that terminal to the u.s..--her 10 times that of
5:38 pm
a little to the united states. one >>catherine: who will--here with you believe in right here live there was no violence. well as for >>catherine: workers will have to give 48 hours' notice before strike carol braun won there we airline is grant to limit the damage from what it is protected to be a for a walk out of the river are and how of at the nuclear plant in japan. what the plan was rocked by an
5:39 pm
earthquake in a tsunami or a flash of maryland who leaks of radioactive water are now becoming more frequent. 11. authorities said the plant was basically stable only two months ago. stay with us, we will be back after this break.
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>>catherine: time to look as stocks, they court did slip today and rob vlach is here with more about the market --and i'm robert black is here with more about the market. in >> this is the best start in the year on the market since 1987. i did not fit
5:43 pm
catalyst, we are out of burning season--earning season. >>catherine: and how about a winner, he lineman in? the endorsement--and how about the winter, he like many, the endorsements will be cute. >> pain and a little bit more eloquent in better spoken and maybe a little more charming in front of a camera. >>catherine: still on football, luxury suites are a winner.
5:44 pm
>> this document immediately to see the numbers. 137 luxury suite at the stadium. people spent $80,000 per box long before the kickoff. read this stadium is not obsolete physically their obsolete financially. that is why the 49ers are trying to build a new stadium as quickly as they can. five to 20 percent of the team's ticket revenue comes from love truce week. it is critically important. the 49ers are already so 138 millionld--already sold $138 million worth. now that gas is a loser. they expect it to go about 195. flashier this time led $3.12 per
5:45 pm
gallon. these are three bad years in a row. >>catherine: usually they spike in the summertime. >>jacqueline: ravine is on the way sitting offshore right now have storm tracker 4. radar is getting closer and closer as we head into the evening. we will see the rain starts virtually at the same time around the bay area. now what, we will see rain in the north bay and down to the south. through
5:46 pm
the overnight hours we have more widespread to moderate and heavy rain. by 4:00 a.m. is spreading a lot more inland. moderate to heavy rain will continue to the morning commute. this will continue to route 88 yen. by 10:00 a.m., we have the same thing. the rain shower is continuing. it will be really hit or miss and that one carried is to knock the are rolling. as for rainfall totals, check about 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. in the santa cruz mountain we have over 2 in. of rain. in
5:47 pm
fairfield we have about three-quarters of an inch of rain. later in the afternoon you will notice the rainfall totals creeping up a little bit. the wind will also pick up overnight we have a wind advisories in effect for the coastline. 22 30 mi. per hour winds, but again, we will seek gusty conditions for the rest of the bay area. temperatures will be cool out there tomorrow. up in the sierra we will have a bit of snow out of this. her one to 3 in. of fresh snow as we head through tomorrow possibly with a little higher elevation. in the key your extended forecast we will see dry weather for the rest of the work week. it is pretty mild on thursday and
5:48 pm
friday. this weekend we could see some more rain than the forecast. >>stanley: the average weight of a light rail vehicle is approximately 97,000 lbs. that is per car but no passengers. the average weight of an automobile is about 4,000 lb. without passengers. in a collision, the 97,000 caltrain wins every time. however, and finding drivers will understand that the nlrb always has the right of way is difficult. before crossing an intersection drivers should wait but many do not because this is san francisco and waiting is not in our blood and in some cases, neither
5:49 pm
is good driving skills. this driver come right in front of the moving l r v why? just to get a parking space. then we have this driver that could not wait for 30 more seconds. one of the other problems, whether there is an el our view-- with or not there is lrv president, drivers were making a left-hand turn from the right-hand lane and right-hand turns from the left-hand lane. i hear that it's even worse with pedestrians during the morning commute so i guess another visit is definitely in the works.
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♪ this isn't just the car we wanted to build. it's the car america had to build. ♪ the extended range electric chevy volt. from the heart of detroit to the health of the country, chevy runs deep. >>pam: the u.s. postal
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service may be having a crisis there is some good news. you sts is still getting the job done best human case study looked at 20 postal service to all run the world. they found you in had more letters per worker and the new amount = new 200 from a thousand letters per worker. e-mail has
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>>pam: we have full of images of the occupy movement live. and gay americans back into the spotlight. q. what--hear what is coming up. and we are going to ticket mckesson
5:57 pm
dangerous conditions coming up.
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>>reporter: nearly two- thirds of the students and
6:00 pm
if i came down with the narrow virus. there are 1430 student at the school. 68 teachers and staff were affected. the health department said that this trend so fast we could a few students who vomited on a surface that other kids frequently touched. we called local health departments around me area to see about other narrow virus cases and this is what is so far. in santa clara county there are 13 outbreaks, marine had 12. in the city of santa rosa there were 16. it is so contagious and can infiltrates a school so quickly. >> the reason widespread so rapidly is because it is very infectious. it only
6:01 pm
take a few particles to infect somebody. they can exist for a long time in the environment. once it gets there it will be in the event--indian farm for several days. >>reporter: and this doctor says cases of enterovirus that causes vomiting and diarrhea pops up every winter. even though the virus is commonly referred to as a stomach flu is not really influence the. so having had a flu shot this year will not keep you immune. >> there is no vaccine and no treatment if someone becomes ill, they need to stay home, arrest, become well hydrated and to wash their hands to make sure they do not transmit it to someone else. >>pam: bay area weather will
6:02 pm
be changing over the next few hours here live here is a live look outside. think are about to change >>jacqueline: and there are clouds out there. take it that storm tracker 4. another storm tracker times in about 7:00 p.m.. this is going to be a little bit too quickly.
6:03 pm
>>jacqueline: also, through 58 and we still see high wind gusts in fairfield. we will talk more about that coming up. >>pam: occupy protesters came out in big numbers today and in downtown open for what they call a day of action. while no rest were made, tempers did flair. now you can see this in the center of the screen the police confiscated a speaker system that the protesters were using the to relate their message. >>reporter: used it, no one
6:04 pm
was arrested and there will no injuries. in comparison to other protests, this was relatively peaceful. most of the days even, all of them car over. and you'll see that police used a tactic within have not used in other cases. the police said you not have a permit for the sound system so they brought it into confiscated. they turned out the sound because there were so many curse words and when they surrounded the sound equipment they were surrounded by those of the occupy group protesters were upset because they say after the that the warnings they stop using the sound system. >> it is not that surprising that the police came in and rated r e equipment because that in fact has been our
6:05 pm
experience increasingly in the past few weeks and few months. we had a rate where the police came in to confiscate people's property. >>reporter: as i interviewed the woman this man was escorted out of the building because he was stirring up trouble and conflict with those of occupy. he was against those with occupy the that is something we will talk about later in the newscast. again, i want to reiterate their are no arrests and no injuries. i know i have talked about that a couple of times but in comparison to what we have seen in the last two weeks is a very peaceful protest. reporting live in oakland i am j.r. stone with kron4 news. >>pam: now there was a counter protest by a group of people called i stand for oakland. they gathered on the steps of city hall today and sounded off about their frustration with the occupy oakland movement.
6:06 pm
>>pam: i am not here to cheer anything up or tear anybody down. we are here just to stand for oakland. >> this is about taking care of our city. we do not want our city to be the target. >> i would like to know what political statement it was that made them go end and trash city hall. i do not get it. >>pam: and we decided to make a stand for oakland and if it works out well today and we get people to come out we hope to do more in the future. >>pam: members of the i stand for oakland groups say that they are the 99%. they add that they agree with the original occupy watch the message. and just 16 hours from now we should know whether or not it is illegal for same-sex couples to marry. a three judge panel with the ninth circuit court
6:07 pm
of appeals will issue a ruling at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. new tonight at 6:00 p.m. dan kerman is here with a preview of what to expect after the decision comes out. >> the voters approved a ban was ruled unconstitutional and struck down in august of 2010. that is when those backing the been appealed to the ninth circuit court of appeals. now it is ready to rule, and the question that faces them is the ban on feigned sex marriage unconstitutional? the court may say it is illegal to ban same-sex marriage or they will overturn it. we spoke with a law professor to get his take. >> it seems like there is little rational justification to forbid people to get married to people the same gender or sex. other than historical we have not seen it done but
6:08 pm
this does not seem like a hard case. that does not mean it will go that way. >>reporter: the to same-sex couples that brought the lawsuit will meet with the reporters tomorrow. we will hear from them tonight at 8:00 p.m.. >>pam: regardless of the decision tomorrow what is likely to happen? >>reporter: who ever loses will probably appeal this decision and it will probably go directly to the supreme court. >>pam: if this ban is ruled unconstitutional will marriages begin immediately? >>reporter: every step of the process backers to the same-sex marriage have been trying to get a marriage resumed and has always been put on hold. >>pam: so we are talking a final decision may come? >>reporter: legal analysts
6:09 pm
say probably not until 2013. we are looking at spring or summer of next year for a final ruling by the u.s. supreme court. >>pam: and not people are waiting anxiously on both sides. and taking a look at traffic in san francisco this the james lick and traffic is moving barely any cars on the lower deck of the bay bridge the south bound wonder what is very heavy headed towards the peninsula. we will be right back with a lot more news to come.
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her >>catherine: police believe a seattle man set off an explosion that killed him and his two young sons. in joshed powell was the focus of an investigation into the disappearance of his wife. roaring flames, the smoke and ash, the aftermath of a n explosion. did you feel it will-cut-deputy fatally flawed and a just before the ranks golden. investigators say foster care worker brought the on sunday for a supervised at the children got closer to the door he drags them inside and locked out the case worker. moments later in fiery blast through--who
6:14 pm
doubled the house. it happened just days after a judge decided that the children should remain with their grandparents. police say he was the person of interest in the case of his missing wife. she is
6:15 pm
>>jacqueline: a live look outside, storm tracker for shall the rain just offshore. showers are expected to start by 8:00 p.m.. i think we will have some rain in the upper atmosphere that will dry out who carried and then by 8:00 p.m. that is in the rain will hit the ground. we have heavy rain coming in a little bit later. as we head into the midnight hour, we see some rain in the north bay.
6:16 pm
>>jacqueline: hot room by 6:00 a.m. we have more moderate rainfall that is not as widespread. it is a real hit or miss after about 88 in. here is a look rainfall totals, the majority of the rain will fall and we will still see of the rain into the afternoon. >>jacqueline: we will also see some gusty wind.
6:17 pm
>>jacqueline: the wind is expected to be the strongest along the coast and in the hills. >>jacqueline: you'll also see snow in the sierra. there will be about one to 3 in. of fresh powder. there may be even more in to be drier locations. we will see dry conditions in the bay area. take a look at the rain for tomorrow morning. as we head into wednesday, thursday, and friday, we have dry and mild conditions look sunny skies to round out the work week.
6:18 pm
>>pam: this is a citizen journalist embedded with the occupy movement that has been streaming live during a protest and rallies like this one. thousands of people ron the world have been watching these live streams at the occupy movement. we met him to finance his motivation for doing this and the technology that he's using to pull off the live streaming. >>reporter: william is using the latest in technology to transform himself. he has his own channel their named occupy san diego. his smart phone is his video camera he had a light microphone and a backup camera to record footage if his green and
6:19 pm
vanishes. >> this has the fastest up low rates that you can get on the market. >>reporter: he has been all the country covering these protests. >> we have had journalist in this movement that said i have lost my home and everything else they are traveling living in their couches. it is a tough life. >> i saw the need for someone to give an accurate story from what was one on because what i was seeing from every other avenue it does not providing the raw uncensored--it was not
6:20 pm
providing the raw and uncensored views. >>pam: william is making no money from this he is funded by donations. >> i love helping to bring about change but i also love working with my electronics and in a great adventure putting this all together. >>gabe: for a direct link logged on to and look for my tech page.
6:21 pm
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it that after this quick break.
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>>reporter: arrest him the call officers used a tactic that they have not used in the past. at one. a confiscated the sound system brought in by the occupy group. there were no arrests and there was no one injured. >>reporter: continuing our coverage outside oakland city hall a group of oakland residents calling themselves stand for oakland held their
6:31 pm
first counter protest voicing their opposition to occupy oakland impact on the city. >> where citizens oakland that are fed up with the vandalism. >> we do not expect us to be to be the target. >> i am not here to cheer anything up or tearing thing down i am here to stand for open and that is all. >>reporter: the mayor is taking the case study that suggests both police department fire departments are in efficient and overstaffed. in this study firefighters can cut 150 jobs to save money of the police and fire departments in no way. they are stretched too thin and any more cuts into the community's faith let risk-- the community safety at risk. >>reporter: the policemen
6:32 pm
looking like this composite sketch was involved in a tack on an east indian man last of november area--and the police a looking for several other suspects hoping that the police sketch will help to solve this crime. >>reporter: in san francisco st. ignatius college scrap copper was shut down for five days of the serious and enterovirus. they say nearly two-thirds were infected. the school was thoroughly cleaned during the closure. the city's department of health says there have been smaller outbreaks and no other schools have reported problems. >>justine: here in fence is go at the ninth circuit court of appeals, a three judge panel is expected to rule on tuesday. the
6:33 pm
question was. what does don walker was correct? howsoever, this three judge panel ruled it is like the this question will come up again. >>reporter: in san francisco this budget is facing a $60 million budget shortfall caltrans and the transportation authority having to do first to find money for the part with. if that does not happen tragic to get the late in the price tag will go even larger.
6:34 pm
>>jacqueline: palestinian we see showers to the bay area more moderate rainfall as well. it is continuing to spread to the east bay, the delta and and and how that will happen about 4:00 a.m.. william morning commute are in a will to get yourself some and a time. yellow and orange bean is very heavy downpour. we continue to see showers through the later morning hours and even in the afternoon. keep your umbrella until tomorrow afternoon. we'll see when it
6:35 pm
to 20 to 30 m.p.h. range. >>jacqueline: but here is a live in a lyric in the forecast after tomorrow the rain and wind, it will increase and then be under mild conditions. your week he will be nice for the chance of rain. stay with us, we'll be back after this.
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>>catherine: this cold snap has killed hundreds of campbell and randomly and thousands more to union mutual small storm in wrong throughout some like to know have not relented different
6:39 pm
places on the coliseum in lewiston and i assumed from
6:40 pm
but that wouldn't ho how our attitudes have many farmers did it animals are dying pam >> connect we have a very breaking it down with insuperable malia jujuy and who better to play down the game itself.
6:41 pm
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6:44 pm
the super bowl the raiders made some news. the have a new defensive coordinator. he is a young guy. you see his credentials. i know the players will respond to him. q. like that. now the super bowl down to the final play. >>gary: there it is, the final score was 21 to 17. the lineman is now king of the were winning his second super bowl and now montana fans can relax for a while.
6:45 pm
>>pam: this is not about one person this is about the whole team coming together and getting that win. i am proud of our guys. piquet the courage and kept the faith. >> that was a play that i have made 1000 times. i know i left the team down. >> he is a hell of a player and i keep throwing the ball to him he is a phenomenal player and teammate. i love that guy. >>gary: but i thought brady to have covered for him a little bit more, the guy is 5 ft. 9 but everyone does says a drop pass. 12 months ago he joined us as the super bowl champion in desmond bishop is here. did you watch the game is today knowing that one year ago you played in this? rob
6:46 pm
>> it was a tough but i got through it. >>gary: now let us start with brady's wife she sent the following. my husband cannot throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time i cannot believe they dropped the ball so many times. would you want your wife say something like that? chrysler >> absolutely not, we are the to allow their plant and recalled, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. >>gary: it is not liked it she held a press conference, the snoopy media guy got her face and she was yelling back and forth as some of the fans. that stuff happens. you can't radio played well yes today? cook and >> he played well. i know that in order to win it is an excellent team effort. it like the lineman and that is a coke or faith. rent it is hard to believe read on him we of the dead or happy or filling it? lawyers
6:47 pm
>> and ian, who is is that always mild tone ready to throw an interception or touchdown he does kind of stays cool. and that is typically used by man. it-- >>gary: now when you all watch this at home, did you say we are to do better than them? >> my skin over and over, i truly believe or we would beat them. suburban were we would definitely be done, we are just a veteran team review of the better to and not always correct and they call a hot streak and then they rode away the momentum into a to currently more recent vintage
6:48 pm
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you turned on him all year to date for three and a half billion dollars? in >>gary: is this guy's 53 in a half million dollars for this. work warmer it is one will remember? rubin >> it is the worst one in an outside restaurant to come in years: a treatment- solution will be a real and
6:55 pm
time you see the game, everything is anticlimactic. >>gary: enough as it take from a terrorist who is the author. well i bet that was 25 years ago when he did that, i made to relate to that? while >>gary: and we have garrido to install the bride and the owner.--have doritos and eight all this is a bright new owner. who were >> at an inlet of the dog commercials list of one of the best.
6:56 pm
>>gary: we had clients eastwood for detroit molders, pam home town. >>pam: this country cannot knock out the one point he. room-- >> it this country cannot do not doubt his 100th year >>gary: wrote >>gary: in rushing with an attractive woman unit and will data and body paint the
6:57 pm
always want to go the sex route. and when bob we will have you back next year when there is something to be excited about.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
tom brady's wife, gisele, letting her frustration bubble over after the patriots lost. it's "the insider" video that has gone viral. i'm kevin frazier in indianapolis. and i'm brooke anderson in hollywood on madonna's middle finger fiasco. >> "the insider" is on. ♪ i'm sexy and i know it >> we were backstage as she made her final preparations. her super bowl slip. her halftime show censored. and is the white house next? >> what is after this? >> the white house. >> it's the tale of two super bowl wives. abby manning's jubilation. gisele bundchen's frustration. >> you can't come down on the other guys. >> listen closely. my husband cannot [ bleep ] throw the ball and catch it at the same time. >> why did tom brady's wife cu


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